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What are the Best Furnace Brands to Consider Buying in Canada?

The availability of numerous furnace brands and models gives you multiple choices to consider when you need an upgrade. However, it also makes it harder for you to choose one as you’ll be spoilt for choice. Knowing reliable brands is the first step in avoiding confusion.

Seeking the services of a residential HVAC specialist can also help make your selection easier. Such professionals can assess your situation and suggest the most suitable furnace brand that can give you the solutions you need.

Alternatively, you can use the qualities of a brand to determine whether their product is a good fit for you. For example, Carrier furnace repair and installation services can differ in some ways in comparison to the same services for other furnace brands. Buy from companies that are known for reliable, efficient, and quality furnaces. The most popular brands in Canada are Trane, Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, Bryant, York, Amana, and Keeprite. These products from these brands differ in design and the quality they offer.

Premium brands


This company produces very efficient furnaces, but they come at higher prices. Their furnaces are also known for their reliability, quiet operations, and durability.

  • The furnaces range between 92% and 98.7% AFUE, and they have different ENERGY STAR ratings.
  • With a power saver feature, these furnaces are 33% more efficient than others.
  • The company also uses silent comfort technology that makes them 50% quieter than others.
  • Based on the efficiency of these furnaces, you will offset the high purchase cost in time.
  • The price range is $3000 and $7500, including installation and other issues like registration.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger and a 10-year warranty for the parts.

You can compare the efficiency of the different models to choose the most befitting one. Merit series has 93% AFUE, Elite series has 96% AFUE, and Dave Lennox Signature Collection with 98.7% AFUE.


The innovations used by this brand is one of the reasons why they make premium furnaces. Their products will provide consistent heat without increasing your energy bills. They use advanced technology that gives their products a unique aspect as well. Some of the features you can expect from these furnaces are:

  • Modulated gas valves
  • Humidity system for easier control
  • Smart thermostats for convenient heat control
  • Efficient and easily adjustable blower motor

Carrier furnaces are known for their adaptive features and enhanced efficiency. Carrier also provides a lifetime warranty for their heat exchangers and limited 10-year warranties for parts. Their models are categorized as Performance Series with 96.5% AFUE, Comfort Series with 95.5% AFUE, and Infinity Series with 98.5% AFUE.

Value brands


Furnaces from this company also offer high efficiency, but they appeal to most people because of their affordability. Their prices are lower than their premium counterparts, but you can still get up to 98% AFUE. The lowest is at 92% AFUE.

The furnaces have touchscreen displays for better control. Spare parts are always readily available in case you need repairs. The furnaces are also very reliable and will seldom need repairs when installed correctly.

The furnaces fall in the price range of $2500 to $4500. The silver models have 96% AFUE, bronze models fall at 92%, and gold models have 98% AFUE ratings.


The units from this brand have ENERGY STAR certifications that show their efficiency. The brand is a branch of Carrier, which means that they have a stiff competition going on. That ensures the consumer gets reliable and cost-effective products.

The categories are entry-level models with 98% AFUE rating, mid-range models with 96.5% ratings, and premium models with 98% AFUE. These fall within the price range of $2800 and $6000.

Keeprite offers various warranties, such as the 10-year replacement warranty on limited models and lifetime warranties for heat exchangers. They also provide extra support to users that need them.

The customer service is also shown by the no-hassle replacement policy that is available in different packages.

Mid-range brands

American standard

As a well-established furnace brand, American Standard has a good reputation among Canadians. The quality furnaces have superior efficiency and durability.

  • They provide a wide range of products with various efficiency levels
  • The furnaces have remote monitoring capabilities and
  • Different fan speeds are available
  • Some of the models have personalized humidity control
  • Price ranges from $3500 to $5500

There is a 10-year warranty for parts, and some models have up to 20-year warranties. Selected heat exchanges have a lifetime warranty. Models are silver, gold, and platinum, with AFUE ratings of 95%, 97%, and 97.3%, respectively.


These products have some unique features that place them at the top of the best ranking brands. The purchase comes with guaranteed professional installation and excellent reliability. Features include:

  • The heat technology in these furnaces guarantees silence during operation
  • Two-stage heating is available
  • Advanced humidity systems for better control
  • Plus technology for the fan

Available models are Evolution at 97% AFUE rating, Legacy Line with 95.5% rating, and Preferred Series at 96.5% AFUE rating. The prices fall in the $3000 to $6000 range. The brand offers basic warranties, but you can get a lifetime heat exchanger warranty on limited models.


The brand is marked by innovativeness, reliability, convenience, and affordability. The company has been in business for a millennium, making them one of the most trusted brands.

  • The furnaces are easy to use and require little to no maintenance
  • You can remotely access the heating system
  • The company provides maintenance alerts
  • Smart thermostats are available

The models have AFUE ratings ranging from 92% to 97.3%, with prices going between $3000 and $4500. The models with higher ratings are more expensive than those with lower ratings.


Amana has been designing furnaces since 1930, and they have the best furnace models. The company has the most extensive warranty policies, and they have used technology in most of their models.

  • Stainless steel tubes on the heat exchangers make them more durable
  • High energy-efficiency
  • Notification system for maintenance reminders
  • Furnaces have remote capabilities for control and monitoring
  • AFUE of the models is 92%, 96%, and 98%
  • Prices range between $3000 and $6000

Servicing furnaces

Air Makers are available if you need any type or model of furnace serviced. We provide services at affordable prices, and we have extensive knowledge of all furnace brands and models. Our team is also very flexible and will ensure you get the help you need.

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