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What are Some of the Most Fixable Air Conditioning Issues?

Transitioning from winter to summer is always the most awaited thing. During this period, knowing the state of your air conditioner is essential. It will help to avoid unnecessary costs on air conditioner installation and repair if checked on time. In this post, you will learn of the most common fixable air conditioning issues and how best you can go about all of them.

Refrigerant leaks

These are minor issues, yet they can lead to a severe malfunction of your air conditioner. Once the refrigerant leak goes down, the AC unit will have a hard time keeping your indoor air cool.

What causes refrigerant leaks?

It is vital to know the cause of refrigerant leaks to avoid being caught off guard on a hot day.

Wears and tears

The outer parts of the air conditioner rust on the assembly joints hence causing a leakage over time. The rubber seals on the service valve stem also tend to wear and tear, bringing about leakages.

By the time you notice an actual leakage, the wear and tear related damage might have escalated to a more severe issue that can cause other parts of the AC to severely malfunction.

It is advisable to regularly check or invite a qualified technician because they are better positioned to notice any malfunction with your AC unit.

Pinhole leaks

These leaks are brought about by formic, a natural acid. When this acid forms, it eats up your AC unit’s metal surface, causing holes that bring about multiple leakages. Without reliable help from a technician, the leakage quickly gets out of hand.

The acid forms courtesy of Formaldehyde, which results in air pollution in your house, putting you and your loved ones at risk.

Defects from the factory

Sometimes the leaks are a result of the manufacturer’s negligence. Therefore, you must have a professional installing your new AC because they are better positioned to quickly notice a defect with the AC unit. Inviting an inexperienced person could cost you the warranty as the manufacturing company is likely to void it.

Continually maintaining your AC keeps your family’s health safe and, most importantly, enhances the performance of your air conditioning unit.

Condenser Malfunction

The condenser is a vital component of the HVAC system. Its primary role is to pressurize the refrigerant to heat the liquid, making the air in the house as cool or warm as you want it to be.

One way of identifying a problem with the condenser is if you notice the temperatures fluctuating from cold to hot in an unsettling manner. When you want to enjoy some warm air, it gives you freezing air and vice versa. Usually, the problem is due to a blown fuse or a tripped switch. Once you are sure about it, you can check the breaker box or invite a qualified technician to handle the problem.

Also, debris and dirt are significant causes of the condenser malfunction. This can be prevented by changing your filters regularly. However, if you’ve not cleaned the condenser for a long time, it is best to have a technician clean it.

A dirty evaporator

The role of an evaporator is to evaporate the refrigerant from liquid to gas state. An evaporator might experience a malfunction for several reasons. The most common cause is dirt and debris. When these two find their way into the evaporator, it amounts to a malfunction.

However, this can be rectified by simple cleaning during a regular maintenance visit by a qualified technician. Sometimes the problems are a result of low levels of refrigerant. With the help of a qualified technician, you can ascertain the cause behind the low refrigerant levels. In most cases, this is traced from other parts of the AC unit.


Once you realize that your air conditioner keeps turning on and off despite the comfortable temperature in the house, you need to have the thermostat checked thoroughly and even relocated.

The main reason for relocating the thermostat is to ensure it is situated away from any factor that might cause it to read the wrong temperatures. A good example is when it is placed outside under a scorching sun. It will keep reading the hot temperatures causing it to go off.

When the air is less cool

When the air from your air conditioner is less cool than you would want it to be, it means the air in your house is extremely hot, making it hard for the AC to cope. The only solution here is getting a new AC.

Also, the reason behind this could be that the insulating sleeves covering the refrigerant lines are worn out or have not been installed. This makes it very hard for the AC unit to give the right amount of cool air. The best way to go about it is to have a qualified technician repair it hence restoring the comfort your home deserves.

Insufficient airflow

In most cases, this is caused by clogged filters. The danger of this kind of malfunction is insufficient airflow, thereby putting you and your family at the risk of encountering allergens and dust particles that fill the air causing respiratory issues.

This is rectified by changing the filters. You can also make a point of ensuring regular maintenance as this will help you note every component’s immediate need before the damage spreads further.

Poor and insufficient maintenance

This is enough cause for alarm because repairing a broken part of the AC unit costs more than a simple maintenance routine. By regularly maintaining the AC unit, you remain up to date with the AC unit’s state.

Failing to maintain it will keep you in the dark – you will not realize it when too many holes form in case of a pinhole leak, in which case repairing might cost you double the price of installing a new one.


When you notice any of the above malfunctions, it is best to contact your technician right away. Toronto air conditioner installation and repair experts providing fast results, knowledgeable technicians and professional service, contact us today 416-332-2493

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