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Is It Necessary to Turn Off Furnace in The Summer?

The warm summer weather is usually a pleasant change. It does not just eliminate the need for additional heat; it also creates room for many fond memories. Since it will not be in use for several months, you can turn the furnace off in summer and save more energy. However, you should know the right procedure and steps to ensure it does not get damaged in the process. Otherwise, you might end up spending on furnace repair in Toronto

How to Switch Furnace for Summer

Leaving the furnace pilot on during the summer months can result in a lot of heat and moisture generation, which persists throughout the season. The quantity may be small, but it will still be undesirable when the weather becomes more intense. A pilot that remains on can also lead to higher chances of the furnace heat being turned on accidentally, resulting in excess heat in the entire house. Leaving the pilot light on also leads to fuel consumption, regardless of whether the furnace is on ‘heat’ or not. It results in energy loss and carbon footprint release.

Before you turn the furnace off in summer, wait until it gets consistently warm outside. The weather at night can be too cold for several months, causing you and your loved ones a lot of discomfort. Do not rush to shut down the furnace as soon as summer starts.

The process

  • Switch the knob of the pilot light to the OFF position.
  • Turn off the main gas supply for the furnace. Be careful not to interfere with the supply of other appliances in the house, such as the water heater and stove.
  • Inspect the components of the furnace, such as the filter, and change it if necessary. Setting up a maintenance and professional cleaning procedure during this time is also more convenient and safer. It ensures the furnace remains in perfect condition for use in autumn.

Do I turn off the Furnace Even if it is High-Efficiency?

High-efficiency furnaces and postmodern ones no longer have pilot lights that must be turned off manually. They have electronic ignitions that control the use of fuel and make the operation of the furnace better. They do not burn off fuel continuously like their older counterparts, which means you do not have to turn them off in summer. Cleaning or replacing the filter and having a professional inspection at least once a year is still essential in maintaining their condition, and summer provides the perfect time to do so.

How do I Turn off my Furnace During Summer if it Works With the Air Conditioner?

Furnaces that work with the AC are known as forced air furnaces, and they usually control the fans in the air conditioner. As such, the house can only have cool air if the furnace remains on, regardless of the season. Having an energy-efficient one is the only way to control fuel consumption.

Turning the Furnace on

Knowing how to turn on the furnace is just as important as turning it off, especially after being off the whole summer. It should be turned on a few days before it is needed to supply heat to give enough time for potential issues to be identified. Every furnace has instructions for turning it on, but the following steps can be helpful if you cannot find yours.

Turn the knob to pilot, then press the reset button near the ON and OFF switch near the pilot light. This should be done continuously as you light up the furnace and should be released only when the furnace is back on.

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