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How to Keep Your Furnace Safe

A furnace is essential for keeping the house comfortable regardless of whether it is a rental or a bought home. It is not enough to have a furnace; it should also be well-functioning. Otherwise you’ll end up spending a lot on furnace repair.  You must take care of the purchase process, from selecting the right size to installation and maintenance.  The furnace room should also be taken care of properly to ensure the equipment remains in perfect condition throughout its longevity.

Potential risks of poor furnace installation


Most homes use natural gas, which is effective, safe and affordable, but it has a high risk of leaking and possible explosion. The combustion and heat exchanger must always be maintained after proper installation to reduce the hazardous risk. Homeowners should also pay attention to the changes in the house and report the moment they notice a rotten egg smell.

Poor functionality

A furnace will not work optimally unless the installation is done by HVAC professionals, regardless of the AFUE rating. It will have frequent breakdowns that result in more repairs. Unskilled installation can also cause natural gas leakage that can be fatal.

Carbon monoxide release

Carbon monoxide is one of the byproducts of combustion in a furnace, and its odourless and colourless nature only makes it more lethal. It is mostly produced during incomplete combustion, but it can also be produced when the furnace is not installed correctly or properly maintained.

How to keep the furnace safe

Get professional inspections: It is not advisable to inspect the furnace on your own, regardless of how trivial the matter may seem. Book an appointment with Air Maker’s contractors, and they will inspect, clean, and repair every aspect of the furnace at least once a year. The amount you spend on such routine procedures will be less than what you would have spent on frequent repairs if the furnace is not maintained.

Professionals also understand the functionality of the components better than you do, especially the natural gas equipment that can be very dangerous when tampered with.

Invest in carbon monoxide detectors: A carbon monoxide detector is great for the family, even if the furnace has not shown any signs of trouble or leaks. It indicates when there are high levels of gas present, which is crucial because you cannot smell or see it. Smoke alarms are also essential in different parts of the house. These detectors should always have fresh batteries to remain on. Change them at least twice a year.

Adequate ventilation: Furnaces, like water heaters, rely on fuel to produce heat, which means they require proper ventilation to remain safe. There should be ample space and a free flow of air to keep them from failing. It is good to make sure the vents are not blocked and no other object lies on them. It should be a clearance of at least 3-feet on all sides, which will also allow the HVAC personnel to do their job properly when they come to tend to the appliance.

Having a dedicated room: The furnace should not be near trash that could release ammonia and cause it to corrode. The bad odour from the trash can also circulate through the house and reduce indoor air quality.  Similarly, cleaning products and laundry materials are not to be kept in the same vicinity as the furnace.

  • The furnace should also be clean, always, especially the filter. It should be checked every three months.
  • Sweeping and dusting the area around the furnace is also important because it ensures nothing blocks the vents.
  • The furnace room should have sufficient light to allow service providers to move around freely when they need to.
  • Enough light will also prevent accidental falls or knocking the furnace over.
  • Broken bulbs should be disposed of and replaced, and a flashlight should always be handy.

 Additional tips

  • There must never be combustible materials like paint, gasoline, or thinners in the same room as the furnace.
  • Vacuuming the room regularly will keep debris and dust away from the essential components of the furnace.
  • Never work with an HVAC contractor that is not insured, registered with the relevant bodies like TSSA, or certified. These will show that they are duly trained and suited for the job.

For reliable and trustworthy professionals that will go the extra mile to help you take care of your furnace, call Air Makers today.

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