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How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Furnace in Canada?

The type of furnace you have, whether electric or gas, will determine the amount you pay for its repairs. In most cases, electric furnaces usually cost approximately $300, which is less than the $375 to $1200 for gas furnaces. Some service providers will charge for the furnace repair in Toronto per hour, depending on how complicated the problem is. When it comes to HVACs, you will pay between $50 to $150. Furnace repair charges also differ depending on the type. For instance, electric furnaces will cost between $150 to $500 to repair, depending on the damage level. On the other hand, the cost of repairing gas and oil furnaces ranges between $300 and $1200.

Breakdown of furnace components repair costs

To repair the flame sensor, you will pay between $75 and $250, while the transformer will cost $100 to $175. Heat exchanger, thermocouple, and thermostat cost between $100-$200, $100-$250, and $100-$600, respectively. If your blower motor capacitor is damaged, you will be charged at least $150 and at most $450.

Other repair charges are between:

  • $150 to $300 for igniter or relay switch
  • $200 to $600 for oil combustion chamber or circuit board
  • $200 to $1000 for gas valve
  • $200 to $1500 for draft inducer motor
  • $400 to $800 for fuel pipe
  • $400 to $1500 for the blower motor
  • $600 to $2000 for evaporator and condenser coil

Is the replacement of furnace parts cheaper than repairs?

In some cases, replacing a specific furnace component may be cheaper than repairing it. Your service provider will advise you accordingly based on the diagnosis they perform. If the component is too damaged and will bring more problems even after repair, replacing it will be more cost-effective.

Blower motor

This furnace component is responsible for getting air through the ducts. Also known as a squirrel cage fan, its blades can quickly become damaged when it is not maintained regularly. You can ensure they remain balanced by cleaning them frequently. The average replacement cost is $1500, with some brands being cheaper than others.

Heat exchanger

These produce the heat that the fans push into your home. The heat exchanger is likely to crack due to prolonged use. If that happens, carbon monoxide can be released into your living space. It helps to have a CO detector and to replace your heat exchanger over time. The costs range from $500 to $1500.

Gas valve

It allows the gas you’re using, whether natural gas or propane, to get into the HVAC unit. The valve sometimes cuts off the gas supply if necessary. A replacement will cost you at least $200 (expensive brands will cost $600).

Control and circuit board

The circuit control helps you manage all the components in the furnace. If you want a high-efficiency control board, you will pay $600. Cheaper brands and models will cost you between $75 and $200.

Draft inducer motor

This component gets the combustion gasses into and through the heat exchanger. Its primary purpose is to prevent the accumulation of carbon monoxide in the exchanger. If you only want to replace a fan blade in the motor, you can pay as little as $20. However, replacing the entire unit costs $600 to $1500.


Most people experience problems with their ignitors. If the problem occurs after the usual business hours, you will pay as much as $500 for replacement. If not, you won’t pay more than $250.


Thermocouples check the pilot light and shut off the gas supply if the light is off. A replacement will usually cost an average of $200.


The furnace coil isn’t exactly part of the furnace, but it is still crucial. Changing this will sometimes cost more than $2000, but you could also spend $600 depending on the type you want.

Fuel pipe

Fuel pipes remove carbon monoxide from your home. The cost of replacing them depends on the length you want. Expect a range of $200 to $800.

Replay switch

Also known as a limit switch, this component ensures the furnace components get electricity. The cost is usually between $150 and $300.

Flame sensor

As the name suggests, the flame sensors check if there is a flame in the furnace and turn off the gas if there isn’t any. Regular cleaning is essential for prolonged use. Replacement never costs more than $250.

Combustion chamber

The combustion chamber produces the heat that warms up your space. It has to use oil efficiently to reduce your energy bills. Replacing one will be in the range of $200-$600.


A transformer will change the electricity into the voltage required for use. This component costs $20 to $40 to replace, but with labour charges, you will pay at least $100.


You’ll need $600 to change your thermostat. Buying a new filter will cost $30 while replacing a new furnace will range from $4000 to $9000. You must replace your filter every month if you want to maintain the air quality.

How much does it cost to clean and inspect a furnace?

Inspecting your furnace involves checking the vents, fuel system, ducts, air conditioning coils, performing carbon monoxide tests, and sealing all the cracks. The inspector will also assess all the interior sections and other components. If you only want the inspection without repairs and cleaning, you will pay $100 maximum. Most service providers will charge additional trip fees that bring the total to approximately $200, or $300 if it’s an emergency.

How to know it’s time for a furnace replacement

Like other appliances, furnaces also have a lifespan. Most of them can last up to 15 years without problems when they are maintained regularly. However, issues like basement leakage can cause excessive moisture in the air thus affecting furnace performance and efficiency. So, if you had a water leakage or basement waterproofing done recently then there is a very high probability that your furnace needs a performance check .

If you’re concerned about energy consumption with the furnace you have, you should consider replacing it. In most cases, a new energy-efficient furnace will have more long-term cost benefits.

Is it better to do furnace DIY repairs or hire a professional?

Diagnosing and repairing furnaces is a complicated process that requires patience and skill. It is also a risky process that only professionals can handle adequately. Hiring a professional will ensure you don’t place yourself in danger or cause further damage to the unit. Air Makers can handle the installation, repairs, inspections, replacement, and any other service you may need.

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