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High-Efficiency Furnace: Good Investment or Waste of Money?

High-Efficiency Furnace: Good Investment or Waste of Money?

Every furnace has a lifespan, and when it nears, homeowners have to decide whether to invest in furnace repair or installation. For most people, repair always seems like a cheaper alternative to upgrading, but in the end, it costs more.
A mid-efficiency furnace is less superior to a high-efficiency one in many ways. They may have similar features, but their AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, which shows the fuel percentage that a furnace can turn into usable energy as ratings differ. For example, furnaces with a rating ranging between 90-97 are the most energy-efficient because they use at least 90% of the fuel to heat the home, which means only 10% will end up going to waste. Other reasons why a high-efficiency furnace may be a good investment include:

Silent operations

Older furnace models are louder than the newer ones, which can be very uncomfortable in a home. With the newer, more efficient models, you get silence and the right home temperature without a hassle. They have been infused with technology that ensures they do not cause a lot of interference.

Improved safety

The reduced combustion time in these furnaces means they do not have to run for as long as the mid-efficiency furnaces are common in older models. They also have better airflow regulation, with some even containing and later disposing of the combustion products. They not only improve the safety but the air quality in the house also.

Environment friendliness

The reduced amount of waste by these furnaces means that they release less waste to the environment. Some models can even condense, which means they can remove moisture and prevent corrosion or damage to the other internal elements.

More savings

High-efficiency furnaces have been made with electronic ignition technology, which operates differently from a pilot light. It only engages when the furnace is being used, thereby reducing the amount of fuel used.

Government rebates can also add to the money savings that high-efficiency furnaces bring. The amount differs in every region, but the stipend can still help you save a lot of money per year. For example, the Ontario Power Authority gives $125 to people who upgrade to high-efficiency furnace models with electrical motors. The Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency also offers different rates.

Comparing high-efficiency furnace vs. Mid efficiency

The cost of a high-efficiency furnace may seem higher during purchase, but the appliance can help save at least $20 every month. Recovering the money used for purchase is, therefore, possible within a short time.

A family in Canada is likely to spend $150 per month or an average of at least $1230 per year on energy, depending on the type of furnace used. The older models have a rating of 80, which is in the mid-range, and lose 20 cents from every dollar spent on fuel. When you get a furnace with a 95 rating, you only lose 5 cents, which is significantly lower. You can save at least $22 out of $150 every month. If the furnace has a rating of 80 and you spend $1227 annually on energy, you lose approximately $245 every year.

To calculate your potential savings, confirm the AFUE rating on your furnace and compare it to your current bills. You can also reach out to HVAC contractors to help you with the calculations.

How to ensure a high-efficiency furnace remains efficient

A mid-efficiency furnace can still keep your house warm but at a higher cost. The same can happen if you do not take good care of the upgraded version. You will end up spending more money on repairs due to frequent breakdowns. The following ideas can help reduce the need for repairs and prolong the lifespan of the furnace.

Keeping the filter clean

Changing or cleaning a furnace filter does not require the expertise of an HVAC professional, which means there is no reason why you should not do it frequently. It will ensure the furnace does not overwork and impure air does not get into the room.

Annual maintenance

A maintenance routine helps take good care of a furnace and make it more productive. It has been proven that routine checks can increase the efficiency and performance of the furnace by up to 20%. It also increases the chances of the furnace reaching its longevity.

Using a digital thermostat

A programmable thermostat does not just make controlling your furnace easier; it also protects the furnace by ensuring it only stays on when necessary. It keeps the house warmer when you’re around and cooler when you are out, thereby helping you save a lot of money without compromising your comfort.

It is possible to recover the initial cost of the high efficient furnace over time. Most of them are designed to last up to 15 years, which is enough time to save more than what was spent during the purchase. Upgrade yours today. It will be worth it.

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