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What Is The Cost Of Furnace In Canada

The cost of a furnace in Canada can range between $2500 to $8000 including installation, depending on the brand you go for. Usually furnace prices in Canada differ depending on the location, competition level amongst the vendors, the brand you want, and how difficult furnace installation in Toronto will be. Whatever the cost, you can be sure that you will get an energy-efficient furnace. The government has mandated every manufacturer to produce furnaces with at least 92% energy efficiency. It’s still advisable that you check the star rating and only buy those with at least a 95% rating. The furnaces with the highest energy-saving abilities will have higher prices. You should therefore have an extra $500 to $1000 for them. Remember to consider the size of your home and the heating capacity you need to warm the place.

Cost of furnace in Canada – a detailed price guide

In most cases, the price you pay to purchase the product will include installation costs as well. As such, you should be wary of any product that costs $2,500 or less. You may find such products in the market, but they will increase your energy consumption. Products with such low prices don’t have warranties in most cases. The manufacturer may not even give you additional customer support if you need it.

Medium ranged furnaces will cost between $3000 and $5500. These usually have high efficiency, and the installation is done by representatives of well-established companies with insurance covers and licenses. That shows that the more you spend on the product, the more you get in terms of customer service and quality labour. Some brands will be on the low end of this range, while others will be at the $5500 peak.

For furnaces that cost more than $5500, you can expect more features and a complicated installation process. In most cases, such products require extensive skills to install correctly, and they offer more versatility. For instance, you can change the source of fuel from gas to oil or electricity to gas. The premium products also come with more guarantees from the manufacturers in the form of more extended warranties.

You should consider the long-term benefits of a furnace and its potential to serve you longer when you’re buying one. Look at the whole package and all the features and performance capacity of the heater as well.

What are some of the factors that affect furnace prices?


The size of a furnace is usually measured by its output. The size you get should depend on the size of your house. You need a furnace that will produce enough heat to cover all the rooms you want it to, regardless of their layouts.

The average price of a 4,000 BTU furnace is $3250, while that of the 100,000 BTU is $4500. You can also get 60,000 BTU or 80,000 BTU at the price of $35,000 and $4000, respectively. You should improve the insulation in your home to get the full benefits of the high-capacity furnaces.


Where you live can also determine how much you spend on a heating unit. Most places in Canada have propane and natural gas furnaces going for between $3000 and $5000. Rural areas usually have higher prices because they don’t have many manufacturers residing there. That makes servicing the products more challenging. A few people in the rural areas will end up buying the furnaces. As such, the brands will sell them at a higher cost to recover some of the operations costs.

Some areas in Canada also have stringent regulations that require manufacturers and service providers to get extra licenses. Consumers will have to pay more for the heaters to help service providers recover some of their money.

Furnaces are usually cheaper in metropolitan areas and other large towns because of the significant number of furnace contractors operating there. There is more competition and greater demand, resulting in lower purchase prices. It’s also possible to find small-scale manufacturers in such towns, which increases the variety of products to choose from.


In most cases, furnaces are sold at a cost that includes installation costs. If the appliance is difficult to install, it will come at a higher price. That is why different models have different price ranges, even though they are from the same brand.

The installation labour cost will mostly be $1000, but in some cases, it is more. The high cost of installation doesn’t just cover the hours the technician spends putting it in, but also the cost of transportation, licensing, and insurance for the companies.

Most installers also prefer to work with brand new furnaces and not second-hand ones. For that reason, it can be harder for you to find a professional installer if you buy a furnace from someone else. Most of them don’t want to take the chance of being held liable if anything goes wrong after the installation. With a new furnace, it’s easier for the manufacturer’s warranty to cover the repair costs if any part gets damaged.

Installation costs can also be affected by several other factors, including where you want the furnace installed. Heaters that are to be placed in crawlspaces will cost more. Installation price will also be more if the vents need to be refitted, if your space doesn’t comply with new safety codes, or if the furnace is being converted. Chimney liners that need upgrading or condensation draining will also increase the overall installation price.


The minimum amount you can pay for a furnace in Canada is $2500, including installation. The price can go as high as $7000 or $8000 for brands like Lennox, but the average cost lies between $3000 and $5000. The cheaper brands include Trane, Armstrong Air, and American Standard.

Some companies advertise furnaces for as low as $1500, but those will have many issues that end up costing you more in the long run. Such companies will not give you additional support during and after installation.

Research the brand you’re interested in buying to ensure they will give you your money’s worth. Make sure you’re not purchasing a refurbished furnace for the price of a brand new one. The company should offer you at least a year’s warranty or a “protection plan.”

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