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Why my Air Conditioner is not blowing cold air?

With the temperatures hitting an all-time high, having an AC not blowing cold air is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. You can imagine how terrible the situation at your home can get when the temperatures keep rising, yet you can do nothing about it except looking for an AC repair service. There are many reasons why the AC can fail to cool the house. You need to figure out the exact cause of your AC failure and have it corrected to continue enjoying a cool home environment. You shouldn’t despair; we’ve rounded up several reasons that can cause an AC failure and what you should do to get it blowing again.

Some reasons why your Air Conditioner is not blowing cold air

Is Your Thermostat Set Correctly?

In most cases, an air conditioner failure occurs due to improper thermostat settings. The AC might not be turning on if the thermostat is set at a higher threshold. For instance, if the thermostat threshold is at 28 degrees Celsius, the AC will not turn on when the temperatures are at 25 degrees Celsius. You should also check the thermostat settings to see whether it is in ‘Auto’ or ‘On.’ Some homeowners may set the thermostat to ‘Auto’ in order to keep the energy bills low. However, if you want to have an even temperature distribution in your house, you should set the thermostat setting to ‘On.’ You have to investigate to determine your thermostat settings. Start by ensuring that your air conditioner shut-off switch is flipped. Check the breakers to ensure that nothing has tripped.

Reset the thermostat and program the temperature to several degrees below the current temperature in your house. For instance, if the prevailing temperature is at 25 degrees Celsius, you should set the thermostat at 20 degrees Celsius. When you do this, you will notice a change after a short while. You might be surprised to realize that all you needed to do was reset the thermostat. Your AC might have an internal wiring problem if you don’t notice any change after resetting the thermostat.

Did you change your Furnace Filter?

In a big way, the filter might contribute to an AC malfunction and failure to blow cold air. The accumulation of dirt and debris in your filter could obstruct airflow and affect the functionality of the cooling system. If the filter is clogged, there will be a limited flow of air in your home. In addition to noticing hot air, you might also notice overall stuffiness and dust in your house. It’s advisable to have the filter checked every 30 days and either change or clean it as necessary. Cleaning and changing the air filter regularly enhance the free movement of air and improves indoor comfort.

Is Your Condenser Dirty?

One of the main components of an AC system is the condenser, which is the outdoor part of the system. There will be less heat transfer if the condenser becomes dirty or fouled. Dirty and blocked condensers are the most common service problems in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning fields. The three main functions of a condenser are desuperheating, condensing, and subcooling. When the condenser is clogged, the AC system will have to work much harder while pulling in and cooling air. You will have the same problem that results from clogged air filters. The good news is that you don’t have to seek professional cleaning services for your condenser. You can clean it yourself, but you must exercise great caution to avoid breaking or bending anything. Use soap and water to remove the dirt; you could also clean the condenser using a hose with moderate pressure. Always cover the AC with a waterproof cover whenever it’s not in use to minimize the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Is There a Refrigerant Leak?

A refrigerant leak could make your air conditioner lose its cooling power, making the AC unable to cool your home efficiently. The refrigerant circulates between the indoor and the outdoor AC units. It compresses and expands as it circulates. Since the refrigerant never runs out, you don’t need to top it up or replace it. However, in case of a refrigerant leak, there won’t be enough of it to absorb heat and cool your home. The leading causes of refrigerant leaks are corrosion, improper installation of the AC system, weakened joints and connections in the AC system, wear and tear, and factory defects. Some of the common signs of a refrigerant leak that you should look out for include:

  • A rise in your electric bills
  • The AC system takes a long time to cool your home
  • Increased humidity in the house
  • A frozen evaporator coil
  • AC leaks
  • Low airflow
  • A hissing sound

You should stop using the AC right away and seek professional repair services if you notice or suspect a refrigerant leak. You shouldn’t attempt to fix a refrigerant leak yourself. Only a professional should handle a refrigerant leak because it requires specialized training.

Are There some mechanical problems?

Just like other systems, different components of your AC system are prone to wear and tear. Wear and tear refer to the natural breakdown and deterioration of different mechanical components of an AC system. As the system ages, different components become less effective and less efficient. You might notice that the system is having airflow problems, overheating, or cooling less efficiently. If you notice that the AC is not working efficiently or not working at all, you should first check the thermostat and the filter. If there is no improvement, you should contact a repair expert immediately. The common wear and tear areas in HVAC systems include belts, bearings, and motors.

Is Your Air Conditioner Right Size?

Many homeowners often ask how to know whether an AC is a right size for their home. There is no definite answer to this question. When determining the ideal size of an AC for your home, you have to consider numerous factors. The size of an AC  is expressed in terms of tonnage, which is the amount of air a unit can cool within a certain period. If the AC is either too big or too small, you will have many issues, including inadequate cooling. The cooling issues will persist until you replace your air conditioner. If replacing the AC system is not an option, you should schedule regular AC maintenance appointments. Even if the repair and maintenance experts do not solve the issue completely, they will do their best to ensure your home is cool and comfortable.

Have You Had Your Annual Maintenance?

An annual AC maintenance extends the life of the AC system and lowers your energy bills. The AC system requires regular maintenance to keep it running at its best and to enhance peak efficiency. Most homeowners do not realize the importance of AC maintenance until the system breaks down. Failure to maintain an AC system often leads to costly repairs, surprise breakdowns, and a lack of efficiency. Your AC might end up malfunctioning on the hottest day of the year when you need it the most. The Greater Toronto Area records consistently high temperatures between mid-June and late-September. You can’t afford to have your AC malfunction at such a time.

Is There a Leak in Your Ductwork?

The ductwork consists of a vast network of pipes extending to different areas of your home. A leak in the ductwork is often hard to spot. However, some of the signs of a leak in your ductwork include:

  • A sudden or unexpected spike in the heating and cooling bills
  • Problems in keeping certain areas of your home cool or warm
  • Stuffiness in your home
  • An increase in particulates and airborne dust in your home
  • Visible damage in the ductwork

A leak in the ductwork means that the air will be filtered out into the walls before it reaches the vents. Some of the leading causes of ductwork leaks include broken seals, age and gravity, zone pressurization, and other factors.

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