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Getting a new furnace is now easier than ever. The availability of an award-winning team that can help you select an ideal option from all the numerous selections makes such acquisition simpler. We provide outstanding installation and Toronto furnace repair services, including same-day services for emergencies. Contact Air Makers for all your heating needs today.

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  • We have won numerous awards consecutively since 2013, showcasing our stellar performance as Goodman, Carrier, and Lennox dealers.
  • Our contractors have vast experience of over 40 years, meaning you only get assured services. We guarantee customer satisfaction and strive for excellence to uphold our award-winning stature -Best of Homestars Award winners.
  • All-inclusive services are available. You can get any service related to heating units – whether repairs, installations, or furnace rentals.
  • We are proud to own the largest facility in Richmond Hill. That means we have a substantial inventory and showroom for all your furnace needs.
  • We do not surprise our clients with unreasonable charges. Our fees are upfront, flat-rate, and the most affordable – no hidden costs.

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Furnace Repair Services

We offer emergency heating repair services in Richmond Hill and other cities in the Greater Horseshoe Region.

The 40+ years of experience in the heating sector makes us experts in the business. We skillfully handle maintenance, emergency repairs, and installations. Furnace rental services are also available.

We utilize our problem-solving skills to identify issues and implement correct rectification strategies. Our straightforward and precise diagnosis and repair processes will save you time and money.

Our turnkey services include maintenance that we conduct to prevent serious issues from arising. We take pride in keeping your home warm and cozy.

All reputable brands under one roof – Lennox, Goodman, Carrier, and more

  • The creativity that Carrier products exude is why the company has remained a trusted brand for over a century. Buying Carrier furnaces means getting high-quality units that will not fail you unexpectedly. Air Makers better the deal by ensuring installations are up to par. You can also call us for repairs.
  • Lennox has remained at the forefront for several years due to the unparalleled efficiency of their products. You are sure of utmost comfort when you buy their units, but they do not double the utility bills. We have brand-specific knowledge that puts us in a position to serve you diligently when you call us for Lennox service.
  • Goodman produces units with the exact specifications that match your needs. The appliance should not be too big or small, and Goodman provides numerous options suitable for every distinctive need.
    Carrier Furnace Chart
    The Carrier brand comparison chart below shows AFUEs, blower motor types, and heating stages of various furnace models, information that you can use to determine your eligibility for rebates as you compare all the model features. The models have BTUs ranging from 40,000 to 140,000 per hour, with 120k BTU/hr also available.
    Model Efficiency Stages Blower Motor Cool Cash
    SIZE (BTU/hr) x 1000
    Infinity™ 98
    97-98% fully modulating ECM (DC):
    true variable speed
    + $250 Carrier
    Infinity™ 96
    96-97% two stage ECM (DC):
    true variable speed
    + $175 Carrier
    Performance™ 96
    96-97% two stage ECM (DC):
    true variable speed
    + $75 Carrier rebate*
    Comfort™ 96
    95-96% single stage constant speed (AC)

    Additional perks include a 10-year warranty for the furnace parts from the manufacturer and an almost similar duration for labour. You may also get a lifetime guarantee on primary and secondary heat exchangers. Remember to register the serial numbers of the units or components before 60 days elapse after installation.

    We are available for consultations and inquiries - you can ask any question, including the Carrier Cool Cash rebate if you combine a furnace with a Carrier A/C or any other part.

    The price guide shows various price points for different models and the information you can use to compare the furnaces.

    Lennox Furnace Model Comparison Chart
    The Lennox comparison chart also has all the vital information, such as AFUEs, heating stages, and types of blower motors. It can provide all the critical information you need to select a fitting furnace model as you determine your eligibility for rebates with each furnace type. The Lennox units have between 45,000 BTU/hr and 135,000 BTU/hr.
    Model Efficiency Stages Blower Motor
    SIZE (BTU/hr) x 1000
    ML196 96% single stage constant speed (AC)
    ML296 96% two stage variable speed (DC)
    EL296XE 96% two stage multi-speed (DC)
    EL296XV 96% two stage variable speed (DC)
    SLP98 98% modulating variable speed (DC)
    Goodman model comparison chart
    The Goodman comparison chart below has all the critical elements to consider when planning a purchase. You can compare heating stages, AFUEs, and blower motor types. The available information can also show you the chances of qualifying for rebates. The furnaces listed start from 40,000 BTU/hr to 140k BTU/hr. 120,000 BTU/hr is also available.
    Model Efficiency Stages Blower Motor
    SIZE (BTU/hr) x 1000
    GMES 96% single stage constant speed (AC)
    GMEC96 96.0% two stage ECM (DC)
    GMVC96 96.0% two stage ECM (DC)
    GMVM97 97.0% modulating ECM (DC)

    A 10-year warranty from the manufacturer for the parts is available, and you can get up to 10 years guarantee for the labour. One of the conditions is that you much register the serial number within 60 days after installation.

Maintaining Your Furnace is Critical

Furnace maintenance is vital in keeping the units running continuously, efficiently, and without frequent malfunctions. Regular servicing prevents a reduction in performance capacity. Regular maintenance keeps the furnace in perfect condition, making it function smoothly during the colder seasons.

Ensure you call repair personnel immediately if you notice signs of damage – ignoring potential issues only adds to the amount you spend on fixation eventually. Our team is flexible when it comes to furnace services. We can do everything professionally, ranging from installs to restorations.

Note: One of the common signs that a unit needs maintenance is frequent breakdowns. Such a unit also compromises your safety. You can rely on our able technicians if you need guidelines for preventing potential dangers associated with furnaces that are not maintained.

New furnace installations – done right the first time

Our clients buy new furnaces for various reasons, and our job is to ensure the installations are according to the highest standards. We also help with furnace selections, applying our knowledge and expertise regardless of your preferable brand. Our competitive prices also add to the benefits we accord our customers.

We remove the old furnace correctly before placing the new one. We have all the tools necessary for the success of such tasks – we are always ready to respond to various calls. We evaluate your needs before sending a team to ensure we carry everything we need for successful completion. We are committed to keeping you and your loved ones warm in winter. You can call 416-332-2493 for more information or a service schedule.

Efficient and reliable furnace repairs and installations in Richmond Hill

Get the best rebates from Carrier, Lennox, and Goodman

We use a customer-centric approach at Air Makers. Our processes and services move towards ensuring you receive nothing but the best. We stock superior products, and our team specializes in excellent customer care for satisfaction. We are passionate about what we do and take pride in meeting, if not surpassing, your expectations.

The economical
The economical

We provide the most cost-efficient heating solutions from dependable furnace brands like Carrier, Goodman, and Lennox. We stock a wide range of units and handle numerous installations that keep our cost per unit low enough.

Competent contractors
in Richmond Hill

Several awards back to back-shows that our competence level is unmatched. The attention we give our clients makes us distinctive and keeps us from delivering subpar services. We intend to continue issuing quality services to maintain our award-winning streak.

Different types of HVAC units
under one roof

Stocking a massive inventory has numerous benefits, like lower cost per unit, which translates into affordability for our customers. Another advantage is that you are sure of finding the furnace you prefer – a specific part for any model. Air conditioners are also available, and we do not restrict the products to one brand.


The best way to ascertain customer satisfaction rate from a company is by reading reviews from previous customers, and ours speak to our excellent customer care. Whatever platform you check, whether social media, Homestars, or Better Business Bureau, you will find positive reviews only.

Vast area

You do not have to struggle to access the high-quality furnaces you deserve. We bring the products and services closer to you. That is why our services are available in several locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Investment in the right

We know what it takes to succeed in this industry. We combine the finest tools and equipment with technical know-how, willingness, and experience to ensure that all our customers get the best possible services and products. We guarantee perfection with every installation or repair.

Emergency furnace repairs in Richmond Hill from a quick responsive team

Nothing makes a house uncomfortable more than a lack of heat. Inefficient heating units can also cause frustrations when utility bills come at the end of every month. That is where our emergency services and repair techniques come in handy.

Hiring us means dealing with a team that provides the reassurance you deserve. We give you the peace of mind you deserve by delivering five-star services and confirming that every aspect of the installation or repair goes according to plan.

We modify our services to suit your unique needs. We believe that each client has different requirements. Our skilled and trained crew strives for value addition.

Our services are not limited. They include the following:

  • Ensuring the furnace gets to the rightful place and is safely secured.
  • Confirming the installation guidelines according to the manual by the manufacturer.
  • Catering to all the electrical connections and ascertaining their performance.
  • Checking all component connections and establishing their correctness.
  • Testing the unit to confirm it works.

Note: Most HVACs become damaged because the filters are vulnerable to clogging. They gather dust and debris over time, which interferes with the efficiency of the units. You can reduce the chances of energy wastage by replacing the filter regularly and getting a new furnace every 20 years. Do not hold on to a heating appliance that increases your expenses.

Signs for a replacement

Sometimes signs that a new furnace is needed become evident, but homeowners ignore them and continue holding on to the old unit even if it costs more to run. The longer you keep such a heating unit, the more you risk your safety. Indications that a replacement is due are:

  • Unusual sounds from the furnace when it is operating.
  • Longevity – a furnace that is 15 years old requires changing.
  • Unexplainable higher energy bills.
  • A change in the flames’ colour from blue to yellow.
  • Temperature differences in various rooms.

Indications that you should start planning for a new furnace

Knowing when to give up on repairs and choose replacement is critical in maintaining efficiency and safety. The older the unit, the more energy it consumes, and the safety become compromised. Some signs that such a change is due are:

  • 15 years or more.
  • Change in noise emission – the furnace produces weird sounds when turned on.
  • Each room has a different temperature.
  • Your power consumption increases significantly – often indicated by high utility bills.
  • Flames turn blue instead of yellow.

Why Air Makers?

  • We are an award-winning company – Carrier dealer in 2013 and 2020, Lennox dealer from 2014 to 2020, and best of Homestars from 2019 to 2022. We have also been North America’s Top 1% Lennox dealer for several years.
  • We have high online ratings – 4.5 stars on Google and A+ on BBB.
  • The best furnace costs.
  • We excel at emergency services – same-day installations.
  • Numerous furnaces, HVAC parts, accessories, and air conditioners are in the inventory.
  • We have a high rating on Homestars – 97%.
  • ESA certificated on A/C installations.

What to expect during a furnace repair

Air Makers only sends a qualified and well-trained team that does not second guess when repairing your furnace or handling any other fixation process. Our diverse team specializes in a variety of areas, such as:

  • We do all the electrical work expertly, including during repairs or maintenance.
  • Choosing an appropriate location for the furnace and installing it correctly, ensuring it remains secure.
  • Ascertaining connections are perfect, and the furnace does not leak.
  • We maintain the guidelines according to the make and model of the furnace.
  • We test the furnace before leaving the job site. We only leave the site after confirming the equipment is functioning as it should.

We continue to strive for the top position, remaining the number one dealer for Lennox, Goodman, and Carrier heating products. Our crew maintains professionalism to deliver excellent repairs, installations, and maintenance.

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We do not have complaints on Better Business Bureau, a platform where we have maintained an A+ rating since 2016.The independent non-profit organization helps consumers gauge the reliability of service providers. It is always advisable to check the platform before hiring any contractor to ascertain their reputation. Remember to check the complaints against the company instead of focusing on the ratings only.

Best of Homestars
two-time winner

At a 97% rating, we intend to continue with our stellar performance.

Our company was founded on the principle of building mutual trust and respect, something we continue to uphold between our team and clients. We have been assisting numerous GTA residents by following those same principles and intend to continue doing so to create a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

Several awards from
top manufacturers

Lennox – Centurion Award for North America’s Top 1% Outstanding Dealer Performance – 2014 to 2020.

Goodman – 2-Million Dollar Sales Award – 2019

Carrier – Sales Excellence Award: Million Dollar Club – 2013 to 2020 consecutively.