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Furnace Repair and Installation in Bradford

Have you been experiencing issues with your furnace or struggling to keep the heat on for longer? If yes, Air Makers is here for you. We have a wide variety of furnace models and offer 24/7 Toronto furnace repair services that come in handy during emergencies. We can also assess your situation and provide a free estimate. Call us.

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Repairs & New Installations

Reliable Furnace Repair and Installation Services in Bradford

  • 16 awards since 2013 show our unmatched expertise in handling various reputable brands such as Goodman, Lennox, and Carrier.
  • We have a proven track record of over 40 years of experience, translating to an unrivalled reputation and customer service. As winners of the Best of Homestars Award, we guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • We provide comprehensive services that include repairs, installations, and maintenance. Rental services are also available.
  • Our warehouse and showroom facility is the largest in Canada, with a plinth area of over 45,000 square feet. That translates to a substantial inventory, meaning you will always find any unit model you require from us.
  • Our rates are competitive, and our pricing is transparent. We will tell you the estimate upfront and not change it due to hidden charges. We maintain honesty throughout.

Excellent Emergency Furnace Repair in Bradford - We Are Quick, but We Do not Rush – Air Makers

Furnace Repair Services

We understand the discomfort that accompanies losing heat suddenly, which is why we deliver emergency repair services to counter unexpected mishaps. Our services are in Bradford and the entire Golden Horseshoe region – you only need to call us.

We provide turnkey services that include repairs, installations, and maintenance. Over four decades of experience keep us from disappointing our clients.

Our team has vast experience that we apply to solve your issues promptly and accurately. We know how to navigate different problems successfully, minimizing their chances of recurring.

Ascertain the warmth and comfort of your loved ones by getting our maintenance services or tune-ups. You can compare the packages available before picking the most suitable one.

Trusted Furnace Repair for Top Brands – Carrier, Lennox, And Goodman

Lennox, Goodman, and Carrier Furnace Repair Bradford

  • The Carrier brand is known for luxury and energy efficiency. The company has maintained a high level of innovativeness over the century that they have been making furnaces, making them one of the top contenders for heating and cooling systems. As a reputable Carrier dealer, we have all the models you can want.
  • Lennox heating and cooling systems continue to exude high efficiency, perfect for people who want optimal comfort without worrying about high utility costs. Our conversance with the brand guarantees the best repairs, installations, and maintenance routines. The services are available in Bradford and other GTA cities.
  • Goodman manufactures a wide range of furnaces that can be confusing to compare. We can help you select the most suitable one according to your heating needs. We are also available for maintenance to ensure you do not incur additional costs in repair. Our team can conduct an in-house assessment to ensure you get a furnace that fits your budget without undermining your heating needs.
    Carrier comparison chart
    Use the Carrier comparison chart below to compare various furnace features and their performance. For instance, you can check the AFUEs, blower motor types, heating stages, and your possible rebate eligibility if you choose any of the furnaces. Most Carrier modes have BTUs/ hr ranging between 140,000 to 40,000.
    Model Efficiency Stages Blower Motor Cool Cash
    SIZE (BTU/hr) x 1000
    Infinity™ 98
    97-98% fully modulating ECM (DC):
    true variable speed
    + $250 Carrier
    Infinity™ 96
    96-97% two stage ECM (DC):
    true variable speed
    + $175 Carrier
    Performance™ 96
    96-97% two stage ECM (DC):
    true variable speed
    + $75 Carrier rebate*
    Comfort™ 96
    95-96% single stage constant speed (AC)

    Extensive warranties apply for the furnaces – ten years for the parts and the same duration for labour. Lifetime warranties apply to some pieces, like primary and secondary heat exchangers. Ensure you register the seal number within two months or 60 days of installing the unit.

    Talk to us about the Carrier Cool Cash chart to establish whether installing any Carrier furnace can make you eligible for rebates, especially if considering any other product from the same brand, like Carrier A/C.

    The price guide will show various Carrier furnaces.

    Lennox Comparison Chart
    You can compare various Lennox furnace models below using essential features like heating stages, blower motors, and AFUEs. You can also determine your eligibility for rebates according to different Lennox models available from 45,000 to 135,000 BTU/hr. Do not hold back any questions you may have. Call 416-332-2493.
    Model Efficiency Stages Blower Motor
    SIZE (BTU/hr) x 1000
    ML196 96% single stage constant speed (AC)
    ML296 96% two stage variable speed (DC)
    EL296XE 96% two stage multi-speed (DC)
    EL296XV 96% two stage variable speed (DC)
    SLP98 98% modulating variable speed (DC)
    Goodman comparison chart
    The Goodman furnace models chart below highlights essential features like blower motor types, AFUEs, size, and efficiency. You can use it to determine your eligibility for rebates as you compare the BTU.
    Model Efficiency Stages Blower Motor
    SIZE (BTU/hr) x 1000
    GMES 96% single stage constant speed (AC)
    GMEC96 96.0% two stage ECM (DC)
    GMVC96 96.0% two stage ECM (DC)
    GMVM97 97.0% modulating ECM (DC)

    Please note that most Goodman models range from 40,000 BTU/hr to 140,000 BTU/hr.

    You can get a 10-year warranty on the parts and up to the same duration for a labour warranty. Remember to register serial numbers within 60 days.

Furnace Maintenance Services Bradford

One of the reasons you should always service your furnace is degradation – the units become dysfunctional over time as they wear off, with the possibility of complete shutdown increasing the longer they remain unattended. Regular maintenance reduces the chances of premature failure of the units, enhancing efficiency and helping you save money, especially during the colder seasons.

You can get a guide to determine if the furnace is developing issues. Knowing the signs of trouble to look for can prevent extensive damage that costs more to fix.

Our team has everything you need to ensure your furnace lasts the longest in perfect condition. You can schedule maintenance routines to avoid functionality issues that might compromise your comfort or cost you more money.

New furnace installations in Bradford

Air Makers is a renowned dealer in Goodman, Carrier, and Lennox brands, with innovative equipment that helps us carry out diagnostics to ensure we find the proper remedy. Our energy consultants have the knowledge and skills to ascertain the efficiency of your unit. We can also advise you accordingly when necessary. We start by evaluating your heating needs before recommending and installing appropriate units.

Whatever your preference, whether Lennox, Goodman, or Carrier, our team will help you find the correct size. We have the best price offers in the region. Our ability to handle any brand is an additional benefit.

Consult us today by calling 416-332-2493 to set up an appointment.

 Tried and Trusted Furnace Repair and Installation Bradford

Undeniably best prices – Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, among othersAir Makers strives to achieve perfection with every service or product rendered to customers. We rely on our trained and experienced technicians to deliver unrivalled customer care as we take responsibility for every product or service we give you. Our pride comes from exceeding your expectations and ensuring you do not regret choosing us.

Cheapest HVAC

We can afford low prices because we maintain massive inventories and perform numerous installations annually. That keeps our costs per unit minimal, and we will gladly pass the savings to you.


Our proficient team has made us the best dealers for Lennox, Carrier, and Goodman in Bradford. We have maintained the top spot for several consecutive years, proving our reliability and ability to serve customers well.

Numerous HVAC models
in one place

We strive to deliver same-day installs and maintain competitive prices, which is possible because of our large-scale inventory. We stock HVAC components and units, including furnaces and air conditioners, allowing us to respond to your call quickly.

Customer Satisfaction

You can check our customer satisfaction rate on Better Business Bureau, Homestars, and social media platforms. We also rely on word of mouth, meaning you can ask about the quality of our products and services, and you will not be disappointed.


Our services go beyond Bradford. We serve the entire Greater Toronto Area, meaning our services and products are readily available whenever you need them. Our HVAC stock is also an advantage.

Availability of the
finest tools

Everything about Air Makers is high quality – from the materials to the tools – we only select the best for our clients. We also know how to apply our craftsmanship correctly to guarantee perfection with every install we handle.

Excellent Furnace Maintenance and Repair Bradford for Emergencies

Our enlightened team has industry-specific knowledge that we use to sort out all your furnace needs – whether repair, installations or maintenance. We do not guess or use the trial-and-error method.

We aim to ensure you get the services you deserve without frustrations or failure. Our crew uses their vast experience and expertise to ensure that happens.

Whatever your situation or why you need repair services, we will ensure you get satisfactory results as quickly as possible. We get it right the first time, keeping you from needing subsequent restoration services soon after the first.

Apart from repairs, you can also get the following services from Air Makers.

  • Placing the furnace in the preferable location.
  • Ensuring we maintain manufacturer instructions during installations to avoid voiding the warranty.
  • Catering to all electrical connections to guarantee safety and proper functionality.
  • Verification of the functionality of the furnaces.
  • Testing the unit.

The longer you use your furnace, the higher the chances of dirt buildup on the filters. Failure to clear such debris is one of the common causes of furnace malfunctions. You need to change your filter regularly and replace the furnace every 20 years if you want to maintain high efficiency.

Signs that the furnace replacement is due

  • Noticeable temperature changes in various rooms – no consistency.
  • The furnace has been serving you for fifteen years.
  • Loud or unusual noises when the furnace is functioning.
  • Higher utility bills, especially electricity bills, indicate a lack of efficiency.
  • Yellow flames instead of blue flames.

Do not postpone replacing the furnace when you notice one or more signs above. The longer you keep the same unit, the higher the energy consumption will be, and the more it will compromise your safety.

Why choose Air Makers?

  • The most competitive prices
  • Numerous awards consecutively – from 2013 to 2020
  • Top 1% Lennox dealer in North America for consecutive years.
  • High rating on Homestars – 97%. We have had high ratings on the platform for several years, from 2019 to 2022.
  • Same-day installations, especially for emergencies.
  • ESA certified for A/C installations (ESA ACP program).
  • Large furnace and air conditioner inventories.
  • A+ ratings on BBB
  • 5 rating on google.
  • HVAC parts and accessories are available.

What to Expect During Furnace Repair in Bradford

Expect a savvy team that has undergone extensive training to gain the ability to handle various furnace service provisions. Our team excels in multiple service areas, such as:

  • Correct placement of the furnace. Confirmation that it remains secured in the right place.
  • Brand-issued instructions for all installations.
  • Expert care for all plumbing and electrical work during installations, maintenance, or repairs.
  • Double-check all connections to ensure seamless operations and confirm the inexistence of leakages.
  • Comprehensive testing. We establish the proper functionality of the furnace according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We meet your expectations.

Our conversance with Goodman, Lennox, and Carrier sets us apart in the GTA region – we deliver perfection no matter your need. Our team will install, repair, and service your unit in the most stress-free manner, achieving customer satisfaction every time.

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The Highest Rated Furnace Handlers in Bradford
A-ratings on Better
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Clean record

BBB is an independent and reputable entity that serves consumers by highlighting the best companies for service provision or product purchase. That is why it is always advisable to check a contractor’s rating before hiring. Remember to check complaints against the company.

Air Makers has had an A+ rating since 2006 without any complaints, showing our spotless record.


Winner 16 times

We were the award winners of the Carrier Sales Excellence Award: Million Dollar Club from 2013 to 2020. In 2019, we received the Goodman 2-Million Dollar Sales Award and Lennox’s Centurion Award for North America’s Top 1% Outstanding Dealer Performance from 2014 to 2020.

Best of Homestars

Winner 2 times

We have maintained our founding principle over the years, treating our clients with the utmost respect and nurturing mutual trust. We love helping residents of the Greater Toronto Area live more comfortably by providing reliable heating units.

We have a 97% rating on Homestars and have garnered the Best of Homestars award twice.